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  • Hello,

    I'm sure everybody has ran into this problem, but I'm trying to find studio tracks of a couple songs which were featured in anime. Internet searches of both have turned up nothing other than other people trying to find the same songs.

    First, and been looking for a very long time, would be the end theme from Good Luck Girl (Love Riot by Happy Birthday). Everything I've found says it was a one shot, but I'm still not convinced.

    Second, would be Stones from episode 8 of The Rolling Girls. Info found on other forums says it's a cover of material released by someone else, but nothing is mentioned about who the original artist is. General search just refers to Momiage Hammers, which is the name of the anime band. There was a reference to "The Blue Hearts", but I found nothing in their catalog which matched. I'd even be happy with a studio track of the cover if it's available somewhere. While the explosions and chanting crowd add a lot to the episode, I'd rather be able to hear the song clearly. The direct translation from Japanese is very inspiring, and probably matches the plot of that portion of the series better than any other song I've seen on an anime. I would have to put it at a tie for number one for my favorite songs used in an anime. Tied with "Make My Day" by Piko.

    Can anybody here help with this?

  • Update… Found Stones. For anyone else looking, the artists are Kamogawa Rockers. It's easy to find after you know that, but my kanji totally stinks.

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