The funimation ipad and iphone app needs major overhaul

  • The problem with the funimation app on both iphone and ipad is that with the paid verison it kept pauses and the user interface is very poorly. Crunchyroll app for ipad and iphone is extremely well designed and the user interface is just right. The funimation app for the ipad and iphone needs major redesign especially for user interface. The paid version has to get rid of it because it doesn't make any sense for those who is already subscribed to funimation elite and there is no need to include the paid version of funimation apps compare to crunchyroll and netflix where the download app is free.

  • I agree, an overhaul is in order. There are many little things, like a lack of episode descriptions, difficulty dragging the time slider, and spotty resume, that if fixed would improve the experience immensely. In addition, the interface is just way too busy and sadly seems outdated. It should be easy to scroll through different episodes if you want to stream, not a multi-stage process that involves back scrolling if you "load more videos." Not being able to access subscriber features is also a big negative. Minimalism is the way to go, and just dividing everything up more logically would go a long way (stream, buy, etc.). I would be surprised if this isn't in the works, it's pretty obvious that the app just isn't quite where it needs to be… And at least it hasn't been buggy or crashing lately.

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