Seasons 1-3 & 3 OVAs?

  • After streaming Season 4, Tadaima, on Hulu three times now and importing four series CDs from Japan, I would enjoy being able to watch the first three seasons and the three OVAs that came with manga volumes 6, 10, and 11.

    FUNimation has not stated what is going on with the series being licensed beyond streaming rights. I understand a different studio handled each of the four anime seasons, but I do not know if that would potentially make licensing the entire series that much challenging. I just hope this does not turn into the situation similar to Sentai Filmworks' deal with only having the fourth season of The Familiar of Zero.

    I really loved this series during the simulcast and would like to see FUNimation physically release the series, or just some NA licensor for the matter or English-subtitled only (each character's VA just fits their individual characters so well!). Japan is currently re-releasing the first three seasons in Blu-ray boxes, so maybe there will be a chance of hearing more news late next year pertaining to BD/DVD release for the NA market so reverse-importation fears can settle down and not negatively impact the Japanese release. I would have imported those BD-boxes by now if only I understood Japanese, the discs had English-subtitles, or I had about $600 available to spend on the BDs…

    So, who else would like to see this series released? It would be great to hear FUNimation state any news about the future of the series if they are allowed.

  • Dunno if this counts as necro-ing, but I figured I'd throw my support in here anyways. Yeah, it seems strange to license a series in its middle instead of beginning. So I'd also like to see the other seasons of the show subbed (and Crunchyroll might beat you to it guys, subtitled anime are kind of their thing). More than that, though, I'd like to see this show dubbed. I'd nominate Luci Christian to play Makoto/Mako-chan, Brina Palencia as Chiaki, um… the gal who voiced Gaige in Borderlands 2 as Kana... and that's all I can think of.

    Come on Funi! You can't let us down here.

  • Well, I gave in and imported the Blu-ray Box for the first season, and the eleven manga volumes that are available. Currently enjoying the OST and Drama CD which came with BD-box, something I wish was bundled with more releases here in the U.S. or in a limited premium release. Hope to pick up the BD-boxes for season two and three soon, and the singles for the fourth season seeing as a BD-box may be some time away. Would also like the OVAs from manga volumes 6, 10, and 11, but since they are Region 2 DVDs (and the first two are OOP) I may have to skip over those.

    I still want to support a domestic release here in the U.S. someday as it would definitely would be more affordable. Hopefully some U.S. anime licensor picks up all four seasons and the three OVAs whether it be DVD, Blu-ray, or combo-pack. I just want to own this great series!

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