Dragon Ball Super (and Kai) Funimation Dub

  • Is it likely the Funimation will be dubbing the new Dragon Ball Super anime series that was announced today? Are they going to dub the rest of Dragon Ball Z Kai (Majin Buu Saga) as well?

  • Dragon Ball Super hasn't even aired yet in Japan so it's going to be a while but I can almost guarantee you Funi will be licensing and dubbing it, just be patient! ^_^

  • Veeeeery interesting. Taking place several years after the Buu Saga. While I enjoy GT (better than some of the way too drawn out segments of Z), this could be the first thing that actually makes it diverge from the… main timeline, I guess would be the best phrase. I mean, aside from many people discounting it because of reasons, there really isn't anything up to and including Battle of the Gods that discounts it...

  • I'll tell you this. Nothing is probably gonna be confirmed for a while after it premiers simply because DBZ announcements are just always unpredictable. But I'll tell you this, both Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat have referenced that they're ready to get the band back together once more and get to work on dubbing Dragon Ball Super when they can.

    As is always the question for most Dragonball properties, the question isn't if, it's when.

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  • Any news on this? Release date for english dub?

  • Actually yes. Toonami Asia has picked up broadcasting rights to Dragon Ball Super for Southeast Asia and India:


    Now before anyone gets their hopes up, this DOES NOT necessarily prove that FUNimation have licensed it. This English dub for Asia might very well be done by someone other than FUNi. It's happened before on several occasions with other shows that have been aired in Asian countries (such as the infamous Fairy Tail dub on Animax).

    ANN has approached FUNimation for comment, but as of now they haven't given any official response.

  • I guarantee this will cause some commotion. Either Funi has it and hasn't told us(which wouldn't be surprising considering they rarely deliver genuine news anymore. Or at least it feels that way. No one cares if it's National Whatever day!) or someone else plans on dubbing it. It's bound to piss people off or deliver false hope regardless of whatever it means.

  • OMG the Animax Fairy Tail dub! That's so bad lol

  • So what happened with the DBZK dub of the Buu saga? Any news on that?

  • When asked how many day are left until Funi gets the rights to super…one answer should come to mind. It's over 9000!!!!! Crushes DVD in hand. (Bad taste I know)

  • And still no news on DBS and DBZK (continuing) dubs. ;-;

  • Wow 2 years later and we FINALLY have both Super and Kai: The Final Chapters at the same time

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