Subbed Only DVD?

  • Sorry if this not the right place to ask, but I just wanted to know why the DVD is going to be subbed only? I've actually never seen a funi series go onto dvd/bd with only a subbed track, and not a english dialogue.

  • This is actually the second series that FUNi has put out sub-only. The first was Oni-Ai.

    Simply put: The show didn't pull in enough streaming numbers to merit the costs of a dub. So for the future, if there's a show you want to see dubbed, watch it during the simulcast, get your friends to watch it during the simulcast, and tell as many people as you know to watch it during the simulcast.

    That's really the best way to guarantee that your favorite shows get dubbed in English. :)

  • Actually I think it is the fourth sub-only series, behind OniAi, GitS: Arise (initially), and PUCHIM@S. I think one of the .hack releases is also sub-only, but I couldn't tell you which one. Maybe the movie?

    I wish all shows were dubbed eventually. Reading subtitles is kind of a big problem for some people, and dubs make things a lot more enjoyable

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    The show didn't pull in enough streaming numbers to merit the costs of a dub

    Serious? Not everyone has unlimited data internet connections. Mine is a wireless 4G USB card with AT&T for 6GB a month. Soooo streaming is really out of the question for my situation (and maybe I'm not the lone person with a metered internet account?!) I've bought a lot of anime titles (a LOT!) … mostly based on synopsis(s) ... and because I don't stream/preview ... on cost. (Sorry Funimation I know you don't want to hear that last bit, but with what I've given so far what choice do I have?) Oh I do have an avenue to preview: Toonami on Saturday nights ... but not many new titles shown and they've now cut back from 6 hours to 3 1/2 hours ... so my avenues are limited. btw: I did buy Black Lagoon, Samurai 7, Soul Eater, FMA, FLCL, Space Dandy, Spice and Wolf and a couple of other titles after viewing on Toonami.

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