• ! Why did they stop at the yellow dragon? Wouldnt they end when yona kills sou-wan or is it because they want you to watch the seacond season?

  • was probably a good stopping point

  • Yah. But i wish there was more than one episode for the yellow dragon:(

  • And i wanted to see if yona kills sou-wan and gets revenge:( Now i have to weight till the end of the year:(!!!!!!!!

  • that probably wont happen any time soon. the manga is still going, so no resolution no the anime before the end of the manga. also, a seocnd has not been announced for Yona

  • :( k thanks for the information;)

  • I love this show and even though I got to the "end" some time ago, it's still really bothering me wanting to see what happens as I imagine most of you. They just got the group together and said they can't go straight to Sou-won yet, so what will they do in between? and how does the Yellow Dragon's power work? and what about Yona and Hak? and what was Sou-won's unfinished business he mentioned? How can they leave us like this?

  • The manga storyline essentially stalled after they found Zeno and revealed his backstory, so a second season is a ways off. There hasn't been more than a passing mention of Soo-Won for several chapters. It seems to be picking up now, with some trouble with one of the dragons. (I'm not going to spoil it, so read it yourselves.)

  • I look forward to a second season of this, hopefully when the manga is just about done and they can promote the final volume with the anime. Hopefully it was successful enough that it will happen.

    The question I have is: Why haven't they dubbed the first half of the first season?

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