Koro Sensei Lives On!.. 2nd Season Announced!

  • The staff of the live-action film adaptation of Yusei Matsui's Assassination Classroom manga revealed at a stage event at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills in Tokyo on Friday that the television anime series is getting a second season and the live-action film will also get a sequel next year.

    id love to see funimation pick up the live action movies as well..

    so we have tons more koro sensei coming!


    Looks like Koro Sesnsei wants to set the broadcast dub record for most episodes right off the bat lol

  • After watching the show up to episode 14, this news actually disappoints me in a REALLY big way. I love the show. I like the characters and theres just enough homicidially dark moments that REALLY make the series wortgh while for me, however, i am the type of person who likes to binge watch a series and get all the feels in 1-2 sittings. Having heard that there is gonna be a second season disappoints me because I dont feel that Myself as a viewer will be able to enjoy it as much as if i was able to binge it. I still love the show and i will come back every week to watch, but the feels will not be the same. :(

  • There not to many anime that impresses me, but this anime is really good.
    make me wish I was in that class ^^

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