Roku needs to have a thing where it stays on the last episode you wached in that show

  • okay well im getting sick and tired of each time i go to my roku and go to my queue and i select a show i have to remember the last episode i watched im a bout to cancel my subscription here cuzz there is to many things that the roku channel needs and i dont want to watch on my pc the only good thing a bout funimation it the dubed shows and that is it you all fell at the rest crunchyroll blows you out of the water learn from them on your roku channel

  • +1; some "where you last left off" feature would be nice

  • I would like the roku to keep track of watched episodes as well (I use a phone app to keep track of To Watch/Watched anime and what epidode I'm on in the meantime, though).

  • im a bout ready to cancel my subscription cuzz of the lack of features on the roku channel that i want first the channel needs autoplay 2. it needs to keep track of what episodes you'e watched 3. the sd, 720 , 1080 in the settings so you dont have to pick it each time you watch a episode

    ill give funimation 1 more month and i want a status report of if any of this will be put to work and for that i give till i have to make my next payment

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