Change navigation on hover instead of click?

  • Currently, the Stream, Shop, and Discover sections each have different second-level navigation bars underneath. This isn't inherently bad, but it can create a lot of extra clicks. If I want to visit the forums from the front page, for example, I have to click "Discover" first before Forum is even an option. This can be especially annoying if I'm not already logged in, because logging in brings me straight to the shop (why not the start page selected in my profile?), which means if I want to visit the forums or watch streaming videos, either of the main reasons I visit this site, that's a guaranteed two clicks.

    My recommendation to improve this is relatively simple: Change the lower navigation when you hover over the applicable upper navigation. For example, simply mousing over Stream would display "Shows Episodes Movies Extras Schedule Simulcasts" without having to click it, even if you're in the Forums or Shop or News sections, etc. This would reduce clicks thus improving the user experience, and reduce unnecessary page loads thus leading to slightly lower bandwidth usage/HTTP requests. Everyone wins!

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