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  • I was recently browsing Sentai Filmworks' site and found that they started answering fan questions through social media. I was wondering if Funi has this as well. I always see and ask questions here in the forums but very rarely do we get answers from actual Funi staff unless its a technical issue. I do understand they are busy but hiring someone to do this kindof of thing, a la Sentai, would be great. Im not knocking who does answer the questions here. Fellow forum members and moderators always answer to the best of their ability within an hour or so and thats greatly appreciated but its always more or less an educated guess. Solid and at least semi-official answers from Funi would make sense to me. Just adding an Ask Funimation section to the forums and posting the answered questions would be awesome.

    Suggested first questions:

    If the Future Diary Blu release will include the OVA and when.

    Whether there'll be a standard edition release of the Darker Than Black Blu.

    If a S.A.V.E edition of Shakugan no Shana season 3 is in the works.

    If there will be a S.A.V.E or Anime Classics release of Jormungand, Guilty Crown, and Attack on Titan.

    Steins;Gate movie release info

    If Blood + can be rescued from Sony and given a decent rerelease.

  • No need to post the exact same post word-for-word in two places on the same forum. I'll lock this one up but keep the other one open.

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