The resurrection of Detective Conan

  • I think that Funimation should continue bringing us the amazing English dub as always but for Detective Conan season 6 and to air on Adult Swim maybe even to put it on Spike or Encore

  • Two things:

    1.) The Suggestion Box is meant for users to recommend ways to improve the forums in general, not as a way for people to recommend which anime titles they want FUNi to license, rescue, or resurrect.

    2.) FUNi has made it pretty clear that they are pretty much done with Case Closed. Not only have they not touched the series in around 10 years or so, but Crunchyroll has also picked up the simulcast to the series and Discotek has recently licensed the Lupin/Conan crossover films. If FUNi had wanted those films, they would've gotten them, so the logical conclusion to come to is they didn't want them.

    Closing this one down.

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