Why "Sora no Otoshimono Final: Eternal My Master" is trash

  • After watching Eternal My Master, I pretty much moved on from Heaven's Lost Property. Thursday night, I decided to read the Manga.

    The. Whole. 77. Chapters.

    I finished it this afternoon, and my final thoughts are: Why the sod did Eternal My Master structure the way it did? The people who created EMM should be burned at the stake. The Manga explained everything, while EMM tossed all over me and did a dance. Also, they completely left the movie at A CLIFF-HANGAR. So basically, you don't get bollocks from EMM. They didn't even bother to fill in any blanks.

    None. Zip. Zero.

    EMM is bollocks. Read the Manga instead of wasting time with the movie.

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