Freezing Funimation Exclusive ???????

  • Just got my $90 Funimation exclusive Freezing set and am so disappointed going to return it. Really Funimation $35 for a 5" x 8" calendar. The chipboard box isn't even square. I could have bought the limited edition for $50 at right stuff and only been out a crappy 2015 calendar that's already 4 months old. guess that's why they haven't sold out yet.

  • Sorry to be fair the calendar does start in April 2015

  • Well it's time to be "that guy."

    It was fully disclosed what items came with that set, if you overlooked the photos and the description, and STILL put in that credit card info for the purchase, that's on you and not Funimation that you are upset. Personally, I don't purchase things I don't feel are worth the money.

  • @dstubbs:

    The chipboard box isn't even square.

    You should inquire about a replacement, if available.

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