GameTrailers: Pop Fiction Appreciation

  • I thought it would be appropriate to show Pop Fictions appreciation by doing research and tests on many games for many years of rumours, myths, cheats, secrets. MJ/Sonic 3 is one of those examples of the episodes, many like a popular cheats in Pokemon for catching Mew and encounter with the MissingNo cheat, The Mystery of James McCloud in Star Fox & F-Zero, the flag pole in Super Mario Bros and a Mega Man 9 super secret. We get to hear the stories told by Brandon Jones by research and tests on the number of games in which to those are factual or fictional. Some of the episodes were updated.

    Dial M for MissingNo (Updated)

    I tried the MissingNo cheat a few time while I was playing both Pokemon Red & Blue and it worked wonders for me and I never tried catching it though, but next time I should try it and take the risk. The video will speak for itself.


    This episode is very interesting re the lost levels in the epic Nintendo game "Super Mario Bros", the trick in getting lost levels is by switching Super Mario Bros and Tennis both on NES including the Japanese own Famicom console.

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