FUNimation 2.70 - 2.732 Update!

  • Hey, everyone! I'm super excited about our latest update because we have a brand new Search! Need to find a show on our site, but aren't sure where it is? Well, wonder no longer. Just type that show in the search bar and you'll see it appear in the new Predictive Search menu. Hit the Enter button or click the little magnifying glass, and you'll be whisked away to our new fancy Search landing page - We've removed Google search!


    Here's what else is in the release:

    • The Schedule has been changed to only include Subscription Streaming and Free Streaming. You can find a list of our upcoming Blu-ray and DVD releases in the Shop under Pre-Orders or at

    • Brand New Navigation Menu - The navigation menu has been reorganized and streamlined. STREAM to watch anime. DISCOVER to find out what"s happening with FUNimation. SHOP still takes you to where you can purchase awesome stuff.

      • The WATCH menu is now called STREAM and links to a new Watch landing page. Here you"ll find a list of shows in your Queue, shows we think you"ll enjoy, shows with new episodes, simulcasts with new episodes, and the latest video extras.
      • The DISCOVER page has all the latest goings on in the FUNimation anime community.


    But, Sophie, what if I just want to go straight to what I want on this website right from when I type in ""?

    I'm glad you asked, Joe Subscriber. Since you're a subscriber, you can do just that by setting your own custom start page.

    Head on over to your Account > Site & Profile Settings and set your Start Page. As long as you stay logged in and are cookied, will always take you to your Start Page. If you happen to delete your cookies, don't worry. As soon as you log in, you'll have your Start Page again.

    My Start Page is my Queue. ~_^

  • Fixes!

    • We've fixed the issue where it was not possible to add the latest simulcasts to your Queue. Please contact us at if these shows still do not appear in your Queue.
    • I fixed the broken bbcode images for :snowman: and :)
    • I fixed the broken quote image

  • Version 2.71 chibi update ^_^

    We've fixed a number of issues in this latest update and have added a new feature. Enjoy!

    • Video and product links are now correctly formatted in the Search. Click on things with confidence!
    • You can add shows, videos, and products to your Favorites again! (^o^)/
    • We've fixed not being able to add Shows from the Search results page to your Queue.
    • The links in the footer on the Blog have been fixed.
    • We've added a link in the Shop section of your Account that goes to your FUNimation Store Order History, which will also display your subscription payment history. Clicking on "Track your orders" in your Account will also go to your FUNimation Store Order History. If your shop login session has timed out, you will be prompted to log in again.

  • Version 2.72 onee-san update ~_^

    Thanks to you, we've updated and fixed a bunch of stuff. Please keep the reports and feature suggestions coming. ^_^


    • is now (but still works) If you're a subscriber and you've made this page your start page, you won't need to make any changes.
    • Because we're getting so many simulcast shows now, the list of simulcast shows at can now have up to 20 shows listed.
    • Now when you reach the end of an episode and want to watch that episode again later, the player will automatically start from the beginning.
    • The list of recent articles on the FUNimation Blog side bar is now called Recent News
    • Your avatar on your Profile now links to your Profile"s Overview tab
    • We"ve added some helpful text to your Account in case you need to change your password.


    • Fixed issues with the Dubbed/720p video player default setting. The video player will now no longer switch back to subtitled while you are watching an anime dubbed.
    • Fixed an issue in the Hulu embed player where the displayed language setting on the player would switch even though that language was not available.
    • Fixed Subtitled” option on the Language filter for all show, episode, and movie lists.
    • Fixed an issue with pagination on longer lists of episodes
    • Fixed an issue where users with a space in their username were unable to comment on the FUNimation Blog
    • Fixed an issue where adding a Show to Queue would always display the green success message even for shows already in your Queue
    • Fixed links in the Queue widget on the Profile Overview tab
    • Fixed an issue in Profile > Favorites > Shows where the Grid View and List View weren"t appearing properly.
    • Fixed formatting on individual Show Reviews
    • Fixed the Back button on individual Show Reviews.

    More is on the way, so be sure to follow this forum to stay up-to-date!

  • Fixes:

    • Fixed some links on show sites.

  • 2.73 Update

    Hey, everybody. We've made a few changes and fixed a few things. We'll have another update coming very soon that includes issues reported by our FUNimation Forum family, so thanks! :)

    • "History" has been changed "Recently Watched". It still works the same way. Only the name was changed to protect the innocent.
    • We have simplified the Account section. Registration settings, like change password, can now be found under Site & Profile Settings > Account
    • The Watch and Queue links have been removed from the Queue carousel on This was just to simplify things. ~_^
    • Fixed issue where adding an image to the forum signature would break that page in Account. We can edit our signatures again!
    • Fixed issues related to adding products to Wish List
    • Fixed an issue preventing Similar Shows from being added to Queue or Favorites
    • Fixed layout issues related to Show Reviews

  • 2.731 Update

    • A few backend fixes
    • We have mostly resolved an issue where zooming in or out with the browser while looking at the Queue in Profile would prevent the Queue from scrolling. This has been fixed in all browsers, except for Firefox. In Firefox, we had inconsistent results. The issue was no longer present on some PCs, but still present on others. If you are still unable to load more of your Queue while your browser is zoomed in or out, please contact us at with "Technical - User Profile" as the Reason for Contact. Please specify what steps you took to reproduce the issue, your OS, your browser, and your browser version.
    • The FAQ widget on the Support page ( has been restyled to be more user-friendly.

  • 2.732 Update

    This update actually occurred on October 15, 2015. I apologize for the delay in posting.

    • For those of you aren't subscribers yet, we've made the process for signing up much easier and faster (we hope!). Head on over to
    • We have removed the requirement to set up a username at account creation. You can set up your username in your Account whenever you want.
    • We have added the ability to log in to all devices with either your email address or your username. You'll still need to use your email address to log in to the site.
    • Features that require you to have a username - write a review, post in the forum, comment in the blog, or send a private message - will now prompt usernameless users that are logged in to set a username.

    We'll have another update batch coming soon!

  • Fixes:

    • We've fixed an issue where Order History was not working in the Shop.
    • We've fixed an issue where users were unable to log out.

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