"New" DBZ TCG rules clarification please

  • As I outlined in my last post, my brother & I are stumped about some aspects of this game.

    #1. The rulebook is incredibly vague about how Setup cards work and I've googled for days looking for discussion about this topic and nothing relevant comes up.

    It simply just states that they are cards that come into effect when a requirement is met [Or something along those lines]. But the cards themselves don't state any sort of requirement at all. They just say "Power: Blah blah blah, Damage blah" and so on. The rulebook says nothing else on the subject [That we can find anyways], so my brother & I have had to improvise with them. Our current ruling is that they can only be played during our turn, before battle, and we must wait until our next turn [Or later] to use their abilities, which also can only be used on our turn before battle. Pretty much, in Magic terms, we give them"Summon Sickness & Sorcery" status, which seems to balance them somewhat.

    #2. The rulebook isn't very clear on how Events work either. We're also just assuming that these are just like Setups, but can be used at any time instead of waiting and can be cast from our hand instead of played first.

    #3. The rulebook isn't very clear about how Endurance works. In the book, it states that they can be discarded to reduce damage from attacks [Or something along those lines], but that's all. I also observed that one of my Namekian cards says something like "If this card is banished for Endurance". So, based on those two things and since Endurance seems to have a numerical value [Like Endurance 1 or Endurance 2], we're playing them as though they say "Banish this card to reduce an attacks life deck damage by this #". The number, of course, being its numerical value. So if he swings for 5 cards of damage and I discard-banish 2 cards with Endurance 2, I've reduced his damage by 4 cards.

    I'm not really sure if we're doing any of this right, but one thing is for sure, whoever designed the rulebook did a terrible job of giving us anything but a vague idea of how to play the game right.

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