"New" DBZ TCG discussion

  • My brother & I stumbled across something interesting in our Target store a few weeks ago. Unbeknownst to us, the DBZ trading card game has been remade and revised.

    So we bought two starter decks to see what it was all about and there are serveral things we think are either bad or just off.

    -Firstly, there is a restriction that your deck has to be 60 cards. (In the old one, I recall it being 50-85). On top of that, you can only choose one Mastery, must have a mastery, and can only play cards the same style as that mastery's style [As well as a main personality that is compatible to it/them]. Now, that wouldn't be so much of a problem if the starter deck didn't only give you roughly 10-15 cards of each style… making it impossible to build a legal deck with just a starter deck [Which goes against what other TCG's like Magic, Yugioh, and Pokemon have defined as a starter deck. It's more like a Starter Booster if anything]. Not only that, but each of these decks came with ZERO Dragonballs when, apparently, Dragonballs are a big part of the game. Right out of the box, this game was disappointing.

    This isn't so much confusing as it is a problem in our opinion. So as of right now, we're only playing with our styles being restricted by the Main Personality we choose… so, Gohan can play all styles whilst, say, Frieza cannot play Saiyan or Namekian.

    -Secondly, assuming we're at least playing the game somewhat right, we're finding out that the Main Personality has a huge impact how well your deck plays [Too huge]. I chose to work with Gohan while my brother worked with Frieza. The power level difference alone between these two are unbalanced. Mid game, we both usually have our MP's to level 2 and I barely manage to hit the 50,000 mark, while Frieza's level 1 maxes out at something like 97,000, and 1,000,000 at level 2 [Through most of the games, my AT attacks were doing 0 cards of damage]. Not only that, but Frieza's card abilities are amazing, while Gohans are mediocre at best [Why the hell would I want to mill 1 or 2 of my cards to mill 1 or 2 of theirs? That isn't very useful].

    I understand that they're aiming to be canon. Frieza was that much stronger than Gohan in the series, so it's fitting that it would work that way… but this is a TCG, not a comic book/manga. If you want people to enjoy playing it, you need to balance it somehow,

    -Thirdly, the "Defend: Stops an attack" mechanism is broken as hell [Especially with Frieza's "When you stop an attack, gain +1 anger"]. Since the only things we had to work with were 2 starter decks, our decks were pretty much built as soon as we divided up what cards Frieza couldn't play [He has Black Mastery while I have Red] I got the rest [Red, Namekian, and Siayan]. We had only a few cards to choose not to include.

    That being said, here's what happened: His deck ended up being 60% Defend-stop cards, 20% Setup/Drills, and 20% attacks. My only hope of winning against a power-house like Frieza was to reach level 4 and win by MPP. However, I quickly found that no matter how good of a strategy I played my hand out for… his Stops had me crippled. So, not only were most of my attacks doing 0 cards of damage, but the ones that COULD do something were always getting countered. And since most of them are my only way of raising my anger, I've found myself playing games that I could never win.

    My Gohan deck cannot beat his Frieza deck, and it's thanks to two things: Frieza is unbalanced vs Gohan and Stops are generally unbalanced vs attacks.

    We've pretty much come to the conclusion that if we spent any more money on this game to increase our card pool, we'd both end up running the same exact strategy... 60% stops, 20% attacks, 20% setups/drills, and the most powerful unbalanced MP's we could get our hands on. That means using MP cards like Gohan as toilet paper at the end of the day. As a conclusion from that conclusion, we decided that this game is a waste of our time if we're being funneled into playing one kind of deck just because the game is so incredibly unbalanced.

    However, I do confess that there's much about this game that we do not understand [Which is why I'm posting a rules discussion on this too], so just maybe, if we learn more about playing it correctly, these unbalances might have checks that we're not aware of. At the moment, Gohans only perk is that he has no limitation on what style he can play… but that doesn't make up for the fact that he's a terrible MP in all other areas.

    So anyways, what do you think of the game and how it's balanced? [Or lack-thereof]

  • Nobody? Jesus, this game really is a waste of time

  • Still nothing…

  • Well, maybe you'd have better luck looking on a forum that specializes in collectible card games.

    Most of the people here on the FUNi forums like to talk about anime and, well, not much else, I'm afraid. :hmm:

  • I didn't know they have continued it! Any chance we'll see new cards?

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