How does Funimation decide?

  • I've been wondering how Funimation decides which anime series to try to get the rights to stream on this site.

  • I'm sure there's probably a much more specific or articulate example to this kind of thing but to me it's probably something along the lines of:

    -What do we want to get?
    -Which series is available?
    -Will the studios be willing to come to a reasonable agreement?
    -Do we get streaming rights and get home video rights all at once or discuss later?
    -What shows would people be willing to get?
    -Do we have the budget?

    Like I said probably a more legitimately explanatory answer but that's most likely how it goes. They see what's available, negotiate the details as well as think of whether it's a show they'd want to get or not, and then yeah rest is history.

  • Actually, they call my hotline, and for only $1.99 they get their horoscope, inside news on the world of competitive knitting, and of course a list of new anime series to license.

  • that's one of the blu-ray extras for Attack on Titan. A guy from the acquisitions department, probably the head, talks about their job and how it works in an interview on one of the disks. Form what I can remember, Classyspartan isn't too far off with his guess

  • I imagine the best person to ask here would be Sophie. I think she's answered this question before in some degree, but it'd be nice to hear word from someone who actually works there.

  • yes, that's a good question.

  • They play a game of roulette

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