Are there still fans?

  • I am new to the series. I found it on Netflix. It was rated 5 stars. So I started watching it and wound up watching all season one and two over the weekend. I started looking up more stuff on it and found the two movies and the magna. Every thing I found was rated four and a half to five stars. I I've looked and and can't find any of the books in English, and the last movie has never been dubbed. I watched it with subtitles. From what I've found the books where never released in English in the United States. I love the series and would by the books and all the DVDs to help support it cause I like it that much. However with the way the last movie ended and the books and last movie not being in eglish I'm having trouble bring my self to just buy half the stuff sense I'm having to find translations on the Internet. Which brings me back to the questions of the fans. Was it not popular in other countries or what? With everything I've found its rates high and everyone loves its. Or am I just finding the die hard fans that posted stuff. Or did it have a big push in the start and then died off and I'm catching the last wave and everyone accepted the ending givin up on anything else and moved on. If they are still out there maybe they can answer these questions. Was in not as popular as I'm finding it to be? Did they translate the books to English, and are they going to dub the last movie in eglish?

  • It had above average decent sales in Japan, so it's a mystery as to why the second movie appears to be the last part of the franchise. the manga is currently unlicensed. unknown if funi has any plans to license and dub the second movie

  • It's a shame to end a good thing like that. I know everything has to end, but it seems like the second movie they left for another one but who know. I'm not going to start in on that cause I read where everyone was mad how it stop. I believe they would have good sales in the United States because everyone one I've got to watch it has liked it and I would by the books to have. Still thinking hard on the DVDs just don't like not being able to get the last one. Just seems like I can't complete the collection.

  • Well I think I consider my self a hard-core fan of the series, after all I did watch the 2 seasons back to back. As well as reading the manga and watching both movies. I also found out about it through Netflix and I certainly will buy its products, lol to me its a must have!. I did make a post on the forum explaining possibilities and details viewers probably missed. So check it out ! It helps keeping the fans hopes up. :)

  • I was wondering about the popularity of the show because everything I found on it was raited high. If a show is that popular why just stop it like they did. They did not run out of material. It's like they got tired of it and wanted to do something else and made the last movie just to kinda get one last push from it.

  • declining sales is the likely answer. the show started out strong, but slowly bled sales with each successive volume that was released. i don't know how well the manga sells in Japan, but its probably not enough to recoup the losses they would make on another season

  • Any suggestions on a show that is along is along the same lines as this one? I can only wish they would make another movie or season but that's all you can do. It's not how the second movie ended that bothers me. I now how the manga ends. To me it's like they started a trilogy movie and got half way through thre third movie and said that good enough. That me tho and I'm not going to go into all that cause I've seen enough rants about it. I would like to find another show that is kinda like this one. Adult humor, some action, and it's not over the top cartoon if that makes sense. What I mean by over the top is like in soul eater how they drew the sun and moon and deaths hands. Not nocking the show. heavens lost property was the right balance for me. They drew them chibi or however you say it which I kinda liked, but kep the background more real world based.

  • ^High School DxD might be appealing to you.

  • I'll check it out thank you and with any luck there will be more heaven's lost property.

  • This anime might continue because they freaking skipped 30something chapters in the animation for instance during the second movie people might have asked where's everyone else we'll sugata was stabbed, Sahara was deleted thanks to sugar (lol), both Astraea and nymph were killed one by chaos the other self destructed I think mikako survived because she knew this was going to happen mostly because she was friends with sugata as he made the world he lived in and Tomokei was killed but thanks one of the medic angeloids was saved and that's pretty much it. Basically I think they could continue the story where they left off in the movie, make a new story (probably explain something about the world sugata world created), or explain what they skipped. Overall, I think this anime should continue it had good raitings and a good story.

  • good ratings and story doesn't matter when the show is not selling well

  • Usually good ratings also mean good sales most of the time.

  • @ghostcowboy52:

    Usually good ratings also mean good sales most of the time.

    Tell that to the Samurai Jack, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Gargoyles fans. -_-

  • That's why I said most of the time. There are always some exceptions, and I liked gargoyles. I grew up watch that.

    And to 7jaws7 thanks for recommending highschool dxd. I like the show.

  • @SpacemanHardy:

    and Gargoyles fans

    why did you need to bring that show up lol T_T


    Usually good ratings also mean good sales most of the time.

    most of the ratings you mentioned would be american and or Canadian, that means nothing. the Japanese makers don't care about foreign markets . sad but true. and on that note im going to change my sig

  • Yeah, i'm still a fan of the show. Still waiting on the second movie to be released on

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