Troubleshooting Steps - Sony NSZ-GS7 media player

  • I was directed by support (Christina Miller) to try the forums to try and fix my problem. So here's hoping that someone else is having the same problem and has a fix.

    With the old website I had no problem viewing content on my TV via a media player. With the new website I can't view the feed. Video feeds from youtube, Netflix, and crunchyroll play just fine on the TV. Watching Funimation on the PC is fine - everything works on the PC.

    The media player is a Sony NSZ-GS7 using an Ethernet connection from a Netgear R6300 dual band router. The PC runs off WiFi via the R6300.

    After logging on I select "Shows" in the top menu and then select a show from the icons below. I click on “Watch” in the Elite column for an episode. Everything is fine up to this point.

    On the PC a video player opens just below the show logo banner and the feed works but on the TV this video player does not open.

    Anyone else having trouble with their media players/smart TVs?

  • Are you browsing directly to the FUNimation site in some sort of web browser on the media player?

  • Yes - I browse directly to FUNimation with google (the media player runs google TV). Same method was used with the old website and I was able to view all content.

  • I have a Sony NSZ-GT1 and I can't load the website using the Chrome browser at all. I can't get to anything on the Funimation site. just the Chrome reload screen.
    The irony is I went through an issue with Christina where I couldn't log into my account that lasted for about a month until they figured out to reset my password but now that I can log in, I can't view anything with my TV. Clearing cache does not seem to help.
    I wonder if there are any Google TV users that can view the site.

  • Thanks for the reply bergstro. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one having problems with a Google.TV setup. I recently found out that Hulu blocks content streamed across Goole.TV – don’t know if this has anything to do with us not being able to view Funimation.

    Google.TV is used with Sony and LG TVs and I read some articles about Samsung adopting it. The Wikipedia page about Google.TV says there’s a million devices out there. Maybe the Funimation staff can comment if they are pursuing a business case to make their content available on Google.TV

  • Improve the performance and stability of your Network Media Player. … Restrictions:This update is only available directly through the NSZ-GS7 Network Media Player. ... Note: Please wait until the download step is complete. ... What to do if you have problems updating your Network Media firmware using ..

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