Add to Queue… but not really.

  • Hello, still learning the ins and outs of this websites layout. But the issue I'm having is two fold between the site and the mobile app. All of it centering around shows added to the queue. On the site, I see my old queue listing that I had ages ago. However, when I add new shows via the '+' icon or the 'add to queue' link they do not actually get added at all. Clicking on either of those links again gives me the red message at the bottom right stating it's already added to the queue. Searching the queue list I have also does not return any results on the shows I added.

    The mobile app doesn't even show I have a queue at all.

    Any help is appreciated as this is a key feature and it's incredibly tedious to have to navigate the myriad of links just to get to the show/episode I wish to view.

  • I'm experiencing this exact same issue at the moment!

    I, too, would greatly appreciate any assistance in this matter. The problem itself seemed to occur right around the time the new anime season began – meaning, I've had this problem for about the past week or so. :3

  • It is somewhat, albeit unfortunate, that I'm not alone with this issue. I tend to do a lot of my viewing on mobile (lunch breaks at work) than at home. So shows not being added to the queue properly/at all is rather annoying.

  • Ahh, gotcha.

    Yea, for me, I only watch my shows from my desktop. But regardless, and as you say, not having the ability to add shows to my own queue makes it rather annoying when it comes to traversing through multiple links.

    It seems I've taken for granted such a convenience, and only realize how nice it is until I no longer have it. :3

  • Yea funi needs to put some effort into the queue part of their service. If I have to pay for the app I should be getting a stellar product that surpasses crunchyroll's. Also the website queue needs to be updated so I can see the new shows that are airing.

  • add me as a person that can't use the queue. Crunchy is far superior to Funi in this respect. I hate that I pay for a subscription and have to jump through hoops to get the shows I want. Now i can't even get them in the queue! FIX THIS

  • Same here, just got a sub pass and not impressed with the site. I can add old shows to Queue, but not the newest shows

  • Same issue here, i added new simulcast shows to queue, none of which show up.

  • Why is it that FUN can't work on resolving the issue of having a single cross platform queue? On CR, I add a show/season/cour and instantly I can see it in "My Queue" on any device CR uses, Mac, iOS, Apple TV etc…

    Wouldn't that be awesome on FUNimation???

    Navigation of the website is rather difficult and confusing at times. An example would be, having both Add Favorites & Add to Queue! Why not just have one? At least fix the existing problems such as lack of a good 30 day history of watched episodes.

  • Same problem here. When working, the queue is still pretty strangely implemented, but as of right now it's not working - shows think they are queued, but they aren't. Unfortunate timing, too - once I'm into a show I know I want to watch it, but with the new season if I don't watch something right when I become aware of it, I forget that it is a show I was going to try.

  • Same problem. No shows adding. I even removed a show that was already in the queue and now can't add it back.

  • It's really sad to be frank. Crunchyroll at first to me gave me the impression of a small, and you'd think at first, sub-par service compared to the likes of Funimation. A company that actually puts anime out there. You'd think CR would be following in Funimation's footsteps in terms of stellar service.

    To be honest, right now it's showing me that I should continue to focus most of my anime viewing on CR. While waiting for the anime to be released in another format elsewhere when it's ONLY available through Funimation at the beginning.

    Ease of use should be the first and foremost concern when providing content. The content you have down, that's great.
    But don't make the process of viewing your content convoluted and leave a disparity between devices. One click, all devices, done. If I add a show to my queue, I should see said show instantly on my queue across all my devices.

    If the show cannot be added/viewed on my queue, make it clearly stated that is the case. The entire viewing system needs a massive overhaul. You have great examples from Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even Hulu Plus which I despise because you STILL have adds.

    Take from your betters, there's nothing wrong with that. You have the content to sell your service.

  • i'm also having issues with new simulcasts not being added to queue, even though it tells me they are in there. Please check this, Funi? ^^

  • I can't see any of the new shows I added in my queue on the website, but on the XBOX 360 they all show up for some reason.

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem. I can't get Seraph of the End to appear in my queue. The other shows (Assassination Classroom, Noragami and Laughing under the Clouds) appear on my queue except for that one.

  • can you stupid [explitive deleted] fix this problem… jesus christ people pay for a service how incompetent can people be that they still have not managed to make their ui work properly.

    EDIT: Please do not drop F-bombs on the forums. -SH

  • Glad it's not just me, but unhappy that it's a problem at all. Right now it seems inconsistent. A few of the new shows I added show up; others don't. I do see Seraph of the End (which another user recently reported they do not). And…it now looks like most show up in the Queue on Roku...but not on the website. Yet, once that does show up on the website view of the queue doesn't show up on Roku. What a mess. I use the Roku most often, but I'd like to get them to show up on the website so I can attempt to put them in a preferred order (if that's even working--in the past it's not been reliable)

  • You need to submit a ticket to support. They don't really check the forums at all other than CJ.

  • @ForlornBeliever:

    You need to submit a ticket to support. They don't really check the forums at all other than CJ.

    I'll do just that.

    Additionally though, I hope that this thread at least further draws attention to the poor navigation system they have in place. It is not user friendly or allow ease of use on the site, let alone between platforms.

    I enjoy Funimation's releases, I really do. I wouldn't have signed up for the subscription for simulcasts if I didn't. But there is a drastic shortcoming on how intuitive it is to use the site.

  • Ok, I just checked my queue today and Seraph of the End is appearing on it. It looks like they fixed it.

  • The issues with queue have officially been fixed.

    We've fixed the issue where it was not possible to add the latest simulcasts to your Queue. Please contact us at if these shows still do not appear in your Queue.

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