• so…......does anyone here like these games..............they took over my life a little over 4 years ago or so???? idk i just. i just want to talk about them for hours on end. favorite characters? headcanons? best game in ur opinion? just general chit-chat? idk?

    my favorite character is jeff andonuts!!!!! i literally luv him so much. just. we can end the chat here everyone go home

    nah but tbh jeff is all i care about

    also maxwell labs is such a good character idc if he's in the game like twice hE'S SO GOOD

    lucas is precious???? he's my son tbh............aLSO DUSTER IS SO IMPORTANT AND KUMA IS MY WIFE JUST JUST JUST

    oKAy moving on, um, headcanons?????

    1. maxwell labs is ridiculously tall and jeff looks up to him (PUN UNINTENDED)

    2. jeff is not that super cool dude everyone portrays him as in fanart like???? um???? he's def an incredibly dorky, still wets the bed (THAT'S CANON THO), daydreams about probably impossible science-y crap, snorts when he laughs, pushes up his glasses OFTEN, has to bring his friends with him into those alleyways to get new weapons bc he's too shy, etc..........

    3. LUCAS ISN'T A BABY UM???????? most ppl think he'd be a stuttery lil kid but after all he's been thru um???? he mOST LIKELy has terrible, terrible ptsd; gets SUPER POSSESSIVE/PROTECTIVE of ppl he cares about, and altho he is a small precious flower child he gets angry p easily

    4. amab agender ness :^)

    5. porky was a sweetheart when he was lil but like. once ness rejected his friendship (if you have played the japanese version of mother2 you'd understand this point) and he went all power-hungry he probably stayed power-hungry with a godlike complex?? porky is majorly full of himself (also crushes on ness :^)) so in mother3, claus reminded him of ness which is why he chose him to be his "adorable little monster." (he probably saw ness in claus bc claus is all "imma protect my family/friends and do reckless things to do so" which is kiiiiinda what ness did so......)

    okay i have ONE MORE HEADCANON to post but if you don't want mother3 ending spoilers just skip over number 6 here okay......


    ! my mother3 ending headcanon is rather simple. lucas pulls the final needle, and earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, natural disasters just kinda devour the islands. everyone is unsurprisingly killed in the process, the island pulled beneath the sea. cue the end(?), the darkness. the ppl talking are simply the final conversations of their ghosts who haven't realized they're dead yet. at some point during this (before the credits) everyone realizes they didn't make it out of the catastrophe alive and it's time to move on. now for the credits, we see everyone together for one final time, all walking down to some unimaginable oblivion (same place hinawa walked to after she died maybe?) and this is why we see ppl who are already dead and gone (scamp, claus, the magypsies, hinawa), which is why lucas and claus and hinawa are all reunited; because they're all dead. then the true ending appears (recall the question mark in the pitch black scene?) the counterpart to the title screen, all metal parts thus removed. "humanity's taint" has been removed from the logo because all of humanity has been removed from earth. now the world is free to continue growing, free of mankind, free of our tainted fingers. nobody can threaten the calm, the peace, anymore. the tragedy which is humanity's existence has ceased.

    ANYWHO, now that everyone's all sad n stuff, let's talk about mother/earthbound uwu

  • only ever played earthbound so i'm not familiar.

  • i loved earthbound tried mother 3 as well but earthbound i played lots great games :)

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