Why is it that only the "Second Season" is english dubbed?

  • I have always wondered, why in the world of licensing, is it that shows like this one are only being dubbed for their second season, but not the first? As in; why are they only starting the dubbing at like episode 13, when there are still 12 episodes before hand that could tell me what the heck is going on in the series! It's harsh to make a potential fan jump in at the middle of a series, only to not know what's going on.

    Anyone who says:

    A) "Just watch the subs." should read my profile. I only watch dubbed; dyslexia plays a huge part in it, and I wont watch any subbed, unless it's "Naruto" or "Fairy Tale", and I don't want to wait to see whats happening through the dubbed track/schedule. Or until I can fluently speak Japanese or Korean.

    B) "Just read the "synopsis" of the first season/12 episodes." Should know that I like to experience my anime' first hand, with my own opinions. Perspective yes, is important, but I will wait to hear others opinions until I form my own.

    c) "Find another series." Doesn't understand how big of a fan of Anime', and of the art form, that I am.

    Now that I already listed potential sarcastic replies, since I am looking for a genuine answer of how funimation works with a series like "Yona"; please only answer if you have the direct answer to my above first question in the title.

    Otherwise! Enjoy these amazing world of imagination, history, and "potential" factual worlds that could exist out there somewhere in the universe! Nerd on!

  • Yeah that's a raw deal man. But apparently Funimation is making the dub for the second season now since it's still ongoing and is going to make the dub for the first season later. Not sure if it's for streaming or dvd.

  • They've already confirmed that they're dubbing both halves of the show at the same time. They just put out the second half first because it was currently airing at the time. Same thing with Tokyo Ghoul.

  • It is all one season, two cours. (Yeah, I know it is a picayune terminology thing, but it really confuses people when you start talking about the 2nd season of something that only has one, especially when people really want a 2nd season of it! And, yes, I realize that the media sometimes use it wrong, too…)

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