Android Vs. PS4, Free vs. paid app, help!

  • Hi guys,

    I've read the FAQ. I've read a lot of the forum posts. I've read the reviews on the Android apps. And I'm totally confused. Here's what I need to know:

    1. Two android apps. One with ads, one $10. If I sign up for the All Access Pass, and use the free apps, will I still be served extra ads? (If so, that's pretty crappy, and way outside the industry standard.)

    2. The app reviews seem to suggest that not all content available on the web or other apps is available via the mobile apps. People are claiming that their All Access Pass gets them an entire set of all episodes of a show, but on the Android they can only access 3-5. Is this correct?

    3. I've seen elsewhere (in the FAQ) that some shows don't have the 'mobile license' so they can't be streamed on Android. Is there anywhere I can compare the full list vs. the mobile license list?

    Here's why, for those who wish to know: my wife is about 80% disabled. Watches things on her tablet from bed most of the time. While we do have a PS4 in the living room and she could use that to watch anime, it'll be relatively rare. I just don't want to pay $8 a month so she can see part of the content, and miss a bunch of episodes or shows she's dying to see. I also don't want to drop an additional $10 for the tablet app if there's no real function different for subscribers to the All Access Pass between that and the free app.

    Hopefully someone in the know can respond here, and I can get her all subscribed and set up today!

  • i have been a paid subscriber since they first offered it.
    the android, and iphone apps where i believe the first apps to come out and the developer they went with had the $10 or free app, i just paid the $ 10 for the app, so that's why there still charging for those apps .
    as for the app itself, i have had no problems with using it previously on my t Mobile my touch, and now my samsung galaxy s 5 ..
    as for the content, an all access member gets all the subbed and dubbed episodes that are available on the site on there app as well,except for a few titles that they don't have the streaming rights for. i cant remember those titles off the top of my head at this time.
    in other words about 99.9% of the content that's available online is on the apps.

    as for the reliability of the site and the apps, they do have their problems from time to time, for some users more than others , as for me being a paid subscriber from day one, im not leaving anytime soon.

    PS try out the service and it works for you, get the yearly subscription, its alot cheaper.

  • Thanks for the reply!

    So to sum up and make sure I understand:

    Almost everything on the web/PS4 would be available on the Android app, and the folks claiming otherwise in the Play Store reviews are goofy. (This would not surprise me, I work on Android apps for a living.)

    You're not sure about an All Access user using the free app, because you've always used the paid app.

    So that's what we're looking at, then, is someone who knows the difference for an All Access user who uses the free app vs the paid app.

  • the only difference between the paid app, and free is banner ads.
    from another thread posted by one of our admins sophie that reads.
    Short Answer: They don't. Just download the free app. The paid app has no advantages over the free app if you're a subscriber. Both the free and paid apps serve the same amount of content to subscribers. Neither version has a Queue. Trust me, you are not missing out by not buying the paid app.

    Long Answer: Same as the short answer, plus this:

    The mobile apps are also limited to the shows that we have mobile rights to, so if you want access to absolutely all SVOD content, then you should watch on the website.

    Here's how it works:

    100% of video library - grants access to all svod content, all avod content

    95% of video library - grants access to all svod content. If a show only has avod videos, like Galaxy Express 999, then it won't be on the console. We have very few shows that are avod-only.

    Probably around 80% of video library - grants access to all svod content with mobile streaming rights, all avod content with mobile streaming rights. <– I think the avod part is is still correct

    SVOD - Subscription Video on Demand
    AVOD - Advertising Video on Demand

    thats about all the info i could find for you.
    p.s. i have the ps3 app, roku app. and the android as a stated in my first post, granted i usually use my pc thats hooked up to my tv.
    (love wireless mice and keyboards) :)

  • @mike:

    thats about all the info i could find for you.

    Thanks, man!

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