Is there a problem with the queue?

  • I've tried to add four more shows to my queue that I would like to watch and they have not shown up in my queue. When I tried to add them again it tells me they are already there, but they aren't showing up. Is Funimation having trouble with the queue of the new shows?

  • I'm having the same problem, it's related to to either the new simulcasts, or new acquisitions, and it'll take time for them to show up in the queue. They will be there eventually.

    I do agree that if the show has at least one episode or preview in its show list that it should show up in your queue like a certain other anime streaming website that doesn't have this problem. Your move, Funimation.

  • I am having the same issue. I made a post about it in the official Issue Reporting Thread in the Funimation Help Board. Hopefully it is just a temporary issue that will be sorted out shortly.

  • Thanks for the replies. It is a little odd. I just logged back in and it still hasn't updated on the website, but I did see them in my queue when I checked on the XBOX 360 last night. Odd that one has updated but the other still has not. I wonder, do I have to redo my whole queue for them to show up?

  • This is happening to me too. I added some new season shows to my queue yesterday. Today, I looked at my queue, and none of them were there. I tried re-adding, but none of them are visible there, even though I get a message saying they're already in my queue.

    I tried adding a show from last season, and it added just fine.

  • Please don't report issues in the forum. Any issues you see related to Queue or History are most likely related to the outages we've had.

    Please report issues to

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