How does the wish list work?

  • How does the wish list work? I'm kind of new here and I'm trying to figure out how to make it work. LOL, I clicked on it and I don't know where to go from there. Can someone explain?!

  • Any answers anyone?!

  • I'm honestly trying to figure it out myself, quite frankly…. :hmm:

  • took a quick run through for ya.
    hover your mouse over any show it gives you an option to add to your wish list.
    once you have added it to your wish list you have created a shortcut for purchasing those shows.

    however it looks like you might want to print up your wish list, as it might not be showing all available prices for that show.
    examples include, dvd only, dvd blueray combo pack,season one or two ect
    so might want to purchase some of those shows manually :)

  • I finally got dvd thing to work but what about the other stuff?! I tried to do the same thing with the other stuff but it didn't work.

  • The Wish List needs work and is waiting on other things to happen before it can really be fully functional. We've been working on other projects like the New Search, Video History, etc. in the meantime.

    Other pre-requisites have to be met before we will be able to better integrate Wish List with the Shop and before we can add more features. For example, the original requirements call for being able to add any product to your Wish List from the Wish List page on your Profile via a grid list of products. For now, though, you have to add to your Wish List from outside of your Profile and even from outside the Shop. I know…

    @mike is correct on how it works.

    Add to Wish List buttons are on show hovers, video hovers, and product hovers for products listed on show sites. So, if you wanted to add Black Butler Season 1 Classic DVD Box Set to your Wish List, you'd go to and hover your mouse over that DVD. This will display the product hover, which will have a +Wish button.

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