Broadcast Funimation Music

  • Now I know a lot of you probably wont agree but I miss the music from the original English dubs. I get keeping the Japanese music when it get's dubbed to keep the original feel but I want to relive all the moment as I remember watching them on Cartoon network's Toonami when they aired. Music included. I wish they had those able to stream… DBZ was actually the main reason I subscribed to the service.... I want the American Music.......

  • I'm guessing FUNimation doesn't have a streaming license to use Bruce Faulconer's soundtrack… so it's only available on the DVDs as an option

  • The new bluray releases have the American music on them also so I think home video is the only official way to get it.

  • I wish we had the option to switch it, yes. Probably has a lot to do with legal stuff, music rights, royalties, etc…..

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