FUNimation DVD Release??

  • Hello,

    I'm a huge fan of 'Galaxy Express 999' and so is my husband. We've been watching this show via Crunchyroll live streaming on our Roku and sometimes FUNimation live streaming on my laptop (although I don't know why I can't watch it thru my Roku FUNimation App). We were just currently looking to buy this show on dvd, but found out that the DVD release by S'more Entertainment has video quality issues and they never released the entire series. I was curious if FUNimation would ever look into releasing this awesome classic on DVD?? I noticed they released the spinoff series 'The Galaxy Railways', but I'm not interested in that (I admit my husband and I greatly prefer the older art style).

  • I don't think funimation is ever going to release Galaxy Express 999 because they really don't put older shows on home video like Galaxy Express 999. Especially since it was never dubbed or released properly yet.

    Funimation tends to focus on new shows. So I wouldn't get your hopes up on a DVD release of Galaxy Express or any other older show for that matter. Nozomi or Discotek are your best choices for older anime :)

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