Says Soul Eater Not on DVD is in english…..???

  • Hey, so I know that the episodes of Soul Eater Not that have been uploaded are not in English…but funimation has it to where you can preorder the show on dvd and it says that the language is English or Japanese.... This seems weird though since it hasn't been released in English anywhere. Thoughts??

    If its true, I'm super pumped! Just wanted to hear from others.

  • Yes the DVD/Blu ray is going to have an English language option. If it lists both English and Japanese under languages it is or will be dubbed.

    Once it gets closer to the release date I am sure the episodes in English will be uploaded.

  • I really hope that they announce the dub cast soon, I want to know who will voice Tsugumi, Meme, and Anya in English. My thoughts on a dubs cast for those 3 characters are Felecia Angelle as Tsugumi, Bryn Apprill as Meme, and Alexis Tipton as Anya, I also hope that Laura Bailey will reprise her role as Maka. I found out that they put Soul Eater Not OnDemand and I was so excited (mainly because I thought it was the dub), and I was very disappointed to find out that it wasn't in English, I wasted $0.99 for nothing. Please FUNimation, ANNOUNCE THE DUB CAST SOON, I'M DESPERATE!!!!

  • The dub trailer came out and it sounds like Laura Bailey will be returning as Maka, also I think that Tsugumi will be voiced by Felecia Angelle, Anya will be voiced by Kristi Kang, and Meme will be voiced by Lindsay Seidel. I'm still not 100% sure but it sounded like them in the trailer.

  • I'm hearing Bryn for Tsugumi and Alexis for Anya

  • Really? I heard Felecia Angelle's voice when I heard Tsugumi talk and Anya sounded a lot like Kristi Kang to me. Meme definitely sounds like Lindsay Seidel to me. I guess why just have to wait for cast announcements (I know I'm gonna be right, I'm good at recognizing voices).

  • I dunno, af850. I think I heard Bryn as well. The two do often get confused for one another, I'll admit.

  • I don't know, I hear Felecia Angelle's voice as Tsugumi in the trailer (probably because that's who I want to voice her). As for Anya, I rewatched the dub trailer and now I can hear Alexis Tipton's voice. I guess we just have to wait till the dub cast announcement gets revealed.

  • @SpacemanHardy You were right, Tsugumi is voiced by Bryn Apprill. The cast was just announced.

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