• Does any one read this manga? If so what do you think will happen to Ichigo? What will his future be like? Where will he be living, or forced to live? I belive he might be nominated to become a new Captain in soul society, or a member of squad zero. Also be tough how to use his Quincy powers by Ishida…If he truly hasn't betrayed him.

  • SPOILERS (warning if I say any)

    I'm all up-to-date with Bleach and I've got to say it's gotten so dragged out. I would have been happy with it ending at his battle with Aizen and him losing his powers for good and living a normal life. Besides that, I wouldn't be happy with him becoming a member of any Shinigami affiliated force, I'd be happy with him becoming an omniscient being that guides peace and unity between Shinigami, Quincies, Arrancar, and other Reiatsu-beings. I have a feeling that Tite Kubo will probably make him the new Soul King, possibly after Aizen fuses his own power with Ichigo's in order to combat Yhwach on more even grounds. Why Aizen would give him his power? Maybe because this was his plan all along, to become a being more powerful than the Soul King, and fusing with Ichigo would be the only way to achieve such power, even at the cost of losing his self in Ichigo's consciousness. Only time will tell with how Kubo is pumping out the chapters.

  • I'm a big fan of Bleach manga and anime, but but was really heavily dragged out. I think the mangaka overdid it a little, yet I'm happy to see new chapters coming out :)

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