2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Special Circumstances Match

  • Given the issues surrounding how Junko Enoshima seemed to win all of her matches in the tournament, I felt that there was no other choice but to disqualify her. But rather than simply just giving her spot to Darcia The Third the last character she "defeated", I decided the only fair thing to do is a quick 4-way match to figure out the rightful winner. So whoever wins this one, gets the spot in the next round, plain and simple.

    Gauron - Full Metal Panic

    Shogo Makishima - PsychoPass

    Chouji Suitengu - Speed Grapher

    Darcia The Third - Wolf's Rain

    So there it is, vote for who you think should be in the next round, posting who you voted for will help in the improbable case of a tie.

  • Hmm… Decisions, decisions...

    Every one of these guys is well deserving of being chosen, but if I had to pick only ONE, I guess I'll go with....


  • Like I said, Shogo even back in Round Two, I chose to side with Makishima.

    And now that Junko officially gets the boot (such despair for her to come so far and be disqualified) I am going with my original candidate in Shogo Makishima.

  • Wow I think i'll go with Chouji Suitengu. O.o

  • I'll go with Chouji Suitengu.

  • wait why was she disqualified?

  • As for why Junko was disqualified, I'll just quote what I posted in the discussion thread:


    Well I can't say it was something that I really wanted to do. But still, looking back through all of her previous matches, it was in most cases the posts in the thread seemed to usually favor the person Junko was up against, yet every single time, she managed to win by 1 vote. Almost as if someone knew simply letting the match be tied wouldn't work out in their favor. Another thing I noticed since I usually check on the matches about 30 minutes before I start setting up the next group of matches. Junko was usually behind by a vote or two, sometimes tied. I do check on matches throughout the day, and it seemed that a lot of last minute voting came in her matches. Short of having actual IP addresses checked, it was enough for me to think something was up.

    I do offer my apologizes to the people that were legit voting for Junko, but there was just too much going on to ignore here.

  • If Lucky will allow it, I'd like to give half a vote to Makishima. It is strictly a tiebreaker vote only - this method helps prevent a tie, and I don't like coin flips :P

  • Fair enough, I was kinda expecting more votes, but then again this kinda sprang up on folks. I probably should have left the poll open for more than one day since it was the weekend and all.

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