A few suggestion for PS3 playback.

  • I've been trying the Funimation PS3 app and there are many things I like. I like the quality of the playback and the nice easy to read font for subtitles. There are a few little niggles through that I think can be improved upon.

    The first, and this should be simple, is to have the episode of a series you are watch move to the next one upon completion. It shouldn't start the next episode, just slide it over, so its one button to move on to the next episode. Or maybe an option to start the next episode automatically.

    The second is someway to track what's been watched easily. Its easy to get lost when there are literally hundreds of episodes of a series, and perhaps dozens of series under a letter.

    The third is to remember my preferences for whether I want my viewing to be dubbed or subtitled. I strongly prefer subtitles, and it keeps defaulting to dubbed.

    Fourth, could there be a way to show when a series was first released. Some series, like Tenchi Muyo, .Hack, and others are broken down by their individual series. Its natural to break them up, as some series are direct continuations and others aren't, but its still nice to see which ones actually came first by year so you can see how they progress.

    Finally, and I'm sure this is pretty minor, but support for the PS3 remote. I use my PS3 mostly as an entertainment center, a lot more than I use it to play games, and the PS3 remote means I don't have to use a second on for it and my TV. Right now, using it is a little awkward, as the ENTER button don't work like the X and the L1, and L2, and R1, and R2 are in somewhat awkward placement.

    Sorry, this list keeps getting longer and longer

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