WTF?! WARNING SPOILERS.(just to be safe)

  • like seriously that is the last episode for season two? what a let down…..... is there gonna be a season 3? whole half of that episode was just me watching him walk. if anyone can break this down for me that be super awesome

  • It was way different in the manga, so not sure where they're going with this. The walk did go on for quite a while though. No epic fight with Arima either, so maybe it's a cliffhanger for a season three (somewhat) based off of Tokyo Ghoul:re. People are going to be speculating that anyway, due to the signboard outside Toka's coffee shop.

  • I don't know about a let down, the episode was suspenseful…. but I don't understand the point of leaving such a cliff hanger if there is no definite expectation of a season 3.... its like they are trying to keep everyone interested to see whats coming next with no plans to continue.... just let us have it already!

  • I agree with you that the walking was ridiculously excessive making it longer then you'd expect for drama is one thing that was just too freakin long!

    But I don't know i actually think it kinda wrapped it up well, even if there isn't a season 3 or an OVA. there is promise and hope and leave a lot to the viewers imagination. I think we are just used to animes as of late all being wrapped up nicely in a neat little box. even if it isnt going to continue very little loose ends are left. Maybe I'm ok with that since im a long time anime fan who got used to more shows then i can count having cliff hanger or less then satisfactory endings. More often then not this was not specifically intentional but just how it worked out. However there were many that left you wondering. that left more questions then answers and left you screaming That can't be IT!???!!"

    After all that's the first rule of showbiz…'always leave them wanting more.' and that's why we still end up calling those seemingly unfinished works Masterpeices

  • Did not realize that episode 24 was supposed to be last episode of the season. I definitely hope there is another season coming because After the big battle was over and finished with, we still have the owl's son as part of the story line now. I have not read the manga so I am not sure if this ever comes into play, but did the owl not ask that Kaneki help his son? Some of the story was wrapped up through that battle but it also opened up more of a story in the battle as well. If this doesn't get another season I will be disappointed with the anime. On the other hand I would end up looking for the manga though.

  • there going to be season 3 if you watch it all way till the end you see a sign if you read the book Tokyo ghoul re:op but first in the summer we are get Tokyo ghoul jack witch is a prequel

  • it is him honoring his dead friend

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