PS3 App. Problems

  • Thanks for coming out PS3 App. I have a account for years but I just add subscription because of this app. I have two PS3, 1 Xbox360. The PS3 is 10X better that the Xbox360 App. But there is a problem with PS3 app. . After watching a video and you try to search for another show the PS3 may lockup and I have to rest it. This has happened to me about five time.


    The app has crashed. Please power off your PlayStation 3 using the power button. Then power your PlayStation 3 back on. Then relaunch the FUNimation app. Unfortunatey, unless you scroll through slowly to get to the episode you desire, the app will always crash and completely freeze up your PlayStation 3. We have reported this issue, and it should be fixed as part of the app's next update coming in early 2015 if not sooner.

    If you like, you may email to be notified when this issue has been resolved.

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