Will there be a Season 3?

  • If so, do you think it will just be :re or will it give answers to what happened in TG Root A too?

  • Not sure what happened at the end really. did Arima put his sword down as a sign of ending the conflict? if so then I don't think there will be a 3rd season. if there is, it would have to be different from the sequel manga.

  • if anything, they might just release an OVA or something to show whats happening in the world, if they don't plan on a season 3 that is.

  • apparently, there will be an OVA for Tokyo Ghoul Jack .. … .which might be okay if Pierrot don't mess it up like they have the main title.

    If there is going to be a RE: anime, it better not happen til 2017 at least (and get another bloody studio).

    I didn't hate this show, but it should have been better.

  • there going to be Tokyo ghoul jack this summer but if what they hint at there should be a season 3 and it should be re;op then root re;op

  • well i go based off of wikipedia.org i saw :re for the new maybe upcoming show for tokyo ghoul. i really do hope there is a third season i just finished this show in 3 days i absolutely loved the show and i hope there is a third season but when i wrote my review i know theres a little more to Kens story so i dont think its ended just yet.

  • i think theres a very good chance for a season 3 but as of right now there is only 3 volumes (34 chapters as of this post) of :RE thus far so there isnt enough to make another season. i think since the tokyo ghoul jake ova is coming out in the fall id say theres a chance season three will be around spring or summer of next year. also since root a ended very differently id say they wont be able to transition back into the original source since it feel very out of place so id expect maybe of anime only version or :RE which i totally fine with. im glade the anime is different than the manga i get to enjoy both of the as separate experiences

  • summer 2015 and it will cover :re

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