• i'm looking to start something new but it has to be dubbed i dont like the subs mostly because it's harder to pay attention to whats going on on the screen when i have to read everything. i like shows like one piece,naruto, dbz, tri gun,bleach,cowboy bebop, with one piece probably being my favorite. any suggestions will be appreciated thank you.

  • Going by what some of your favorite shows are I am almost positive you will like Fullmetal Alchemist if you haven't already seen it. It has an awesome dub too ! ^_^

    One of my personal favorite series is Steins Gate, it also has a great dub. It isn't an exact match for the shows you listed but it's a great series about time travel. I highly suggest it.

    If you want something short like a movie, I would suggest Summer Wars.

  • I second everything Torrin says. Those are some of my favorite animes!

    It seems like you might also like Fairy Tail or Soul Eater.

  • Fairy Tail is another show you could try. Also for even more suggestions you can go to this thread >>>> And find lots of other suggestions.

  • Hi. Welcome to the forums.

    We've already got an official recommendations thread, which is the one that Dragon0 just linked to. From now on, please post any requests for recommendations there. Thanks.

    I'll be closing this one down now. :)

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