Who has the rights for it?

  • Does anyone on here know what company has or is trying to get the rights to dub Irregular at Magic HighSchool? Is funimation trying to pull for this show? Any other dubbing company trying to get rights? Basically is there anything news wise for the dubbing of this show?

  • Aniplex USA has it. No idea if it will be dubbed

  • With Aniplex, if it's not a HUGE title like Sword Art Online or Kill la Kill, odds are it's not going to be dubbed.

    Still won't stop them from charging $10 per episode, though. -_-

  • Well I guess that sucks, o well here is to hoping they do it! Or give the rights away to funimation who has some awesome voice actors! I can be sort of content with the light novels that got licensed to be translated into english later this year…...even though it will be another 2 years or some crazy number before all are translated and released....

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