Ps4 and xbox one app

  • When will the funamation app come out on ps4 and xbox1

  • When they're ready.

    Incessant clamoring will not speed things up.

  • Relax Til, it's a hot topic and he or she is new so it's not like they are incessantly clamoring with only one post on the topic. Try not to be impatient to the new comers because you're tired of hearing something. Show love.

  • @virginslayer:

    it's a hot topic

    No, it isn't.

    Incessant clamoring

    This isn't directed at him, but at everybody in general; we know it's coming, but they won't announce anything until it's up and running. Read the forum, there are numerous existing threads and posts that will tell you the same thing.

    Show love.

    I am. :skull:

  • It is a hot topic though, a lot of people would like to know when it's going to come out. Hell I'd like to know when it's going to be out but I'm not going to ask because I know somebody else already has. Do you know how I knew somebody else would ask? Because it's a hot topic. lol

    How about this instead of arguing anymore on this let's agree to disagree. I call a truce.

  • This post is deleted!

  • First, to virginslayer: Please don't double post. Use the "Edit Post" feature instead.

    Secondly, just as TIL Nobu mentioned, we've already got plenty of these topics asking the exact same question, all with the exact same response. We really don't need another one. So with that in mind, I'll be locking this one up.

    Bottom line: We don't know when the PS4 and XBone apps will be ready. Just be sure to keep your eyes on these forums until they are.

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