My player keeps going blank during videos

  • This randomly just started today when i was watching the 19th episode of fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, and now it seems to persist making this the most inconvenient way to try to watch anything. after about 10ish 20 seconds it just cuts to blank, real bummer as like i said so far i havent had any issues up to this point. luckily i have the 14 day trial, idk if this is a common thing that happens, but even if it isnt, if it happens to me all the time no reason to use this service. hopefully some of this information is useful.

  • I have the same problem watching Seraph of the end part 3 and it goes blank after 2 mins of play . I tried reloading the page, clear history even restart explorer .it not helping, I open a ticket on it but response yet

  • just found a temp work around on this issue . I change the player HD quality from 1080 hd to 720 hd and the player begin to work correctly. but you are now playing it at a lower quality . the problem seems to be in this 1080 hd setting . also it seems only a few are having this problem ,to me just "seraph of the end" atm. to change this setting click on the player lower left hand side where it show the HD quality and a pop up will show up and click the one you want it to play in.

  • Hey y'all! Could you please make tickets with an appropriate "Video" reason code if you haven't already? I'd like to look further into this but if this is a new issue people are seeing, I'd like to be able to track it through the ticketing system.

    Please include an episode this is happening on, even if it seems to be happening on all episodes you watch.


    (We should be able to get back to you later today, if you have made your ticket already or if you make it early in the day)

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