Why dubbing 2nd season but not the 1st season?

  • I'm here waiting for dub to come out on some of the shows but when they do you start on the 2nd season of some of them. why? to me that ruins the story line. "Tokyo ghoul" and "Yona of the dawn" are 2 off the top of my head that I seen that starts the dubbing at esp. 13. I know I seen more but can't recall them . if there is dub for the 1st seasons can you please show them, I don't know about you but I would like to watch them from the start . if not can you explain why. thanks

  • Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul is being dubbed at the same time as season 2. we are only seeing season 2 since it's currently airing and works as a broadcast dub. they will give us season 1 they are done with it, just gotta wait. same thing with Yona

  • Yona of the Dawn isn't a sequel though that I'm aware of.

  • no, it isn't, but since the second half of the show is what is airing this current season, that's where they decided to start at. still a bizarre dceiosn, but the whole thing will be dubbed eventually

  • I sorta wondered about this too. I get that they're doing it for the purpose of being able to call it a broadcast dub, but it strikes me as a bit pointless. I would imagine that the people who don't mind watching subs, and have already seen the first halves of these shows, have been following the subbed simulcasts of these second halves, so they probably don't feel a huge urge to suddenly go back and watch the dubs, especially with the first seasons still unavailable. I would also imagine that the people who don't care for subs, and insist on waiting for the dubs, probably don't want to just start watching a series at the halfway point. So they're probably going to wait for the dubs of the first seasons to come out before starting on the series. So is there really an audience for these broadcast dubs that have an un-dubbed first half?

    I will admit that my failure to see the value in something does not necessarily indicate that it has no value, so I'm moreso questioning these methods than criticizing them.

  • Well there is at least a SMALL audience for this kind of thing. My cousin for instance usually prefers to watch dubs, but he decided to watch the first season of Yona in sub because he heard it was good and didn't want to wait. He then switched to the dub as soon as he got to the second season. Still, I can't imagine most people making that decision. I for one am just going to wait for the full dub before watching the series.

  • I'm guessing they got on the ball late with Tokyo Ghoul, and decided it was better to start dubbing season 2 as it was airing.. Oh well, I endured the subtitles of season 1 already (some sarcasm).

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