Put this on [Netflix]

  • When the Entire Series is Dubbed, put it on [Netflix]
    Any Objections?
    P.S. I would like to see the Shows that have been recently Dubbed & yet they are Still NOT Dubbed to be on Netflix.

  • It is up to Netflix to decide what goes on Netflix.

  • Surely Lady Rias, Heir to the house of Grimory, entreat her brother, Sirzechs Lucifer, to command the lesser devils at Netfliix to show all Anime and especially High School DXD to be available dubbed and uncut!

  • Netflix is behaving like a company moving away from serious/adult anime. Probably Hulu is making a push now that most cable networks have streaming shows they are trying to cut into the anime niche to suplament lost revenue, while Netflix seems to be stepping up their blue ray Holywood selections. If you ask me, this is the perfect time for Funimation to push for a contract with Comcast for a chanel rather than just a OnDemand slot. I don't think people would mind subtitles with pause and rewind, and streaming features cable/satellite TV companies offer today.

    But yeah Netflix and anime seem to have hit a serious bump in the road. It may be just because "ratings" are still a bit flaky by Japanese publishers. TV-14, R and TV-MA seem to be almost interchangeable, though Funimation does a good job (imo) to remedy that. Maybe that's why streaming Netflix anime has the Funimation opening 10/10 times in my experience.

  • I was on the phone with Netflix Sunday night resolving another issue when I mentioned their anime lineup . Man , the lady I was talking with got really excited that I like anime . She stated she liked anime and was pushing for more content . I mentioned Highschool DxD and that would probably air that series . She stated she already mentioned it to them & a lot of users were requesting it also . We can only hope . I like when Funi's shows air on NF it's 1080P & 5.1 DD surround audio . Physco - Pass sounded great in 5.1 !

  • I think Netflix is really moving forward as a producer rather than a middle-man company. I hear they are going after all 3 of the presenters for Top Gear U.K.

    Which almost leads me to my next point. You know how people keep complaining there isn't an Anime only channel on cable and such? Since Netflix is already starting to behave more like a network rather than a internet video rental company. How about a streaming Anime channel, customers pay extra, Netflix pays companies like Funimation and Crunchyroll, we get all our anime on one place everybody makes money, everybody stays home watching anime, everyone is warm, comfy, and happy.

  • @vinsable:

    P.S. I would like to see the Shows that have been recently Dubbed & yet they are Still NOT Dubbed to be on Netflix.

    e.g. "Attack on Titan" is still Subbed on Netfilx, not Dubbed on Netfilx & yet its been/being Dubbed. Makes Sense Now?

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