2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 2, Match 26

  • The 2011 finalist takes on yet another newcomer to the tourney…

    Light Yagami - Death Note -vs.- Meruem - Hunter x Hunter

  • Perhaps I may be fighting a losing battle on this, but I am pushing Meruem. As one of my Personal Five, he's in my honest opinion one of the greatest Shonen antagonists ever. First off posting my original post from the previous match he was in here.

    Guess I got to show that Meruem hype and support right?

    Also this kind of goes without saying, BUT SPOILER WARNING:


    Meruem's character design is a giant homage to Dragon Ball Z, where Meruem basically looks like a combination of both Freeza and Cell. Meruem is an extremely powerful being upon conception, born to greatness believing that its his destiny to rule and kill as he sees fit. When he first comes into the scene, Meruem is merciless and brutal. His bloodlust unquenchable, and his power terrifying.


    Even as the series when he begins to grow into something else, he always retains a sense of badassery and might to him, even when things get out of control. He's a unique character, often conflicted between the lines of impulsive beast and humanity. His connection to his guards as well as a growing curiosity to a blind girl named Komugi, who he challenges to a board game called Gungi in order to pass time in his conquered castle in a Totalitarian country.

    The context for this scene is that he keeps facing her in Gungi and continues to lose, thus prompting him to keep playing her to try harder, thus keeping her alive longer than she would have were she not so good in this game. He challenges her resolve that if she loses the next game, she must have her arm cut off, but if she wins she can have any wish granted. To his shock, she shows no earthly desire but to keep playing Gungi, and she tells him instead of cutting off her arm, she would rather bet with what she usually bets on: her own life.

    Thus the scene itself follows.


    He's a complex and dynamic characters, and he's one of the strongest in all of Hunter x Hunter. A fascinating take on the powerful Shonen villain archetype that even when he develops shows a strong sense of power and might to his entire being. A great character, and a fantastic villain for Hunter x Hunter.

    Now in order to keep that hype train rolling…let me add on to this and update.

    The part about this matchup that's truly hilarious...is that both Light Yagami and Meruem as they develop realize that the world is flawed and rotten but is still worth saving. They think their ideals are strong enough to where they can change the world and make it ideal and perfect while placing themselves as the ones who rule it all. Light wants to rid the world of evil men, while Meruem wants to guard the weak and helpless from those who are stronger with his own just strength. They are both villains of moral ideals that in one way or another are somewhat warped in reality. However Meruem still was a much stronger villain in both his badassery, his character arc, and even just how much of a monster he can be when he's pushed.

    He goes blow for blow with incredibly ferocious attacks from one of the most powerful Hunters in all of Hunter x Hunter. And at first he barely even flinches.


    I will add more to this if I have to, and while this may be a losing battle, Meruem in my opinion is one of the most interesting and dynamic villains I have ever seen in a show. Light himself is a damn worthy, and almost appropriate rival for Meruem actually. However, I still must support my King.

    Also, Light's ending is rather pathetic in comparison, even after everything he does.

  • My vote goes to Meruem.

  • Voting for Meruem.

  • I'll go with Light Yagami here. In spite of how he met his end in the series, he was still quite the formidable villain.

  • Light Yagami gets my vote.

  • Can't stand Light, so I'll be voting against him.

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