Buffering Issues - RESOLVED

  • There are a few currently known situations in which you may experience buffering on funimation.com that are troubleshootable.

    However, we are also seeing a very small number of users experiencing buffering on funimation.com that these tips do not help.

    We are currently treating this as an emergent issue and gathering information.

    Please make a ticket if you are experiencing buffering. We will send you a normal buffering e-mail first and then follow that with additional questions if you fit into the new buffering issue.

    Thank you for your patience!

    Issue Status

    Affects: a very small number of users
    Status: information gathering
    Troubleshooting: We have some troubleshooting for buffering. However, if you have this issue, then the troubleshooting does not apply to you.

  • This version of this issue was resolved some time ago– cleaning this out.

    You may still experience buffering on funimation.com, but it is not due to the issue this thread was about. Please make a ticket. Thanks!

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