Neon Genesis Evangelion I would like to see this here Dubed /subed

  • this is a anime that got me in to anime i would love to see it here i know some other company has the rights to this but is there a way that you all could get the rights it is a good anime i'm not to good at posting things but this is just a suggestion Oh i would rathere it be dubbed like i said this got me stared in to anime just loved the story and all the action . Eureka 7 is similar in some ways to this but like i said this one got me started

  • FUNimation doesn't have the rights to NGE yet. Like you, I like to see it get relicensed for a release here in the states, FUNimation have the rebuild movies.

    Probably those opinions are probably changed since Khara now has the rights of the series in Japan (and not Gainax) and releasing a Blu-Ray Box Set along with Death & Rebirth and The End of Evangelion in Japan.

    That's all I know for now.

  • This isn't a site suggestion, but thank you. You can discuss this desire over in the Evangelion show forum or in FUNimation General. ^_^

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