Avatar: The Last Airbender Discussion Thread

  • THIS IS NOT COMPLETELY ANIME! It may have some look of an anime but it's not. It is a product of Nickelodeon.

    However, feel free to say some things about why this show is awesome.

  • The Ember Island Players….one of my favorite episodes.

    Toph being bossy to Aang is hilarious. "Twinkle toes!"

  • I loved this show, even though its not, "anime," its probably one of the closest American original shows we will get to that. Hopefully they create more series that look like anime. lol

  • Yea, Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favorite shows of all time. I watched it almost everyday I came home from school (when it was originally airing) and I loved it. The story was amazing, the characters and universe were top notch, and the ending was almost perfect. There were a few loose ends that could've been tied up, but it was great nonetheless. I have been wondering if The Legend of Korra had anything on The Last Airbender (I've yet to watch The Legend of Korra) but I just don't see how it could. Aang was such a well thought out character, being childish and mature almost simultaneously. And surrounded by funny, powerful companions.

    I just don't have enough positive things to say about this show. The only negative thing I can think of (about this show) is that it ended too early. I felt like there could've been more in a fourth book. It could've showed how Aang kept the peace and how the world felt about him. But I guess that's probably covered in The Legend of Korra (at least I hope it is). I would absolutely love to see all three seasons of The Last Airbender come out on Blu-Ray, but I don't see that ever happening unfortunately.

  • i have seen the toon version and the movie.

  • @erniebc19821982:

    i have seen the toon version and the movie.

    I am so, so sorry. You have my utmost sympathy. @-.-@

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