2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 2, Match 17

  • To open today's matches we have not one, but two newcomers…

    Junko Enoshima - Danganronpa: The Animation -vs.- Shogo Makishima - PsychoPass

  • Oh man, that's just not fair.

    Might be fighting a losing battle here, but Junko all the way. She's just the perfect villain.

    I already explained why, but I'll Copypaste them here anyway, and I'll put them in spoiler tags this time.

    ! 1. In terms of personality, she's more or less a female Joker.
    ! 2. To say she loves despair is an understatement. Her obsession with spreading despair to the whole world is what motivates her to do what she does. Even if it means killing the few people she genuinely loves, she'll gladly do so if it means giving herself despair as well. She herself said it best.
    ! Junko: "For me, despair is not a goal, or a set of principles, a lifestyle, or even an instinct. It's what defines me as Junko Enoshima."
    ! 3. Highly charismatic, and is easily able to manipulate others into joining by poking and preying on their emotions, weaknesses, and insecurities, effectively brainwashing them so thoroughly that
    ! >! they have to be forcibly brainwashed for Junko's grip on their psyches to loosen.
    ! 4. She erases the memories of her classmates (so instead of being very close friends, they think they're complete strangers), has them participate in a killing game and broadcasts it to everywhere on Earth, to convince the rest if the world that her ideology is the best ideology. She doesn't even force her classmates to kill each other, but instead provides them with various motives to give them a little push. And now the big one…
    ! 5. Through a chain reaction that would take me much longer to explain, she manages to plunge the world into a absolute state of chaos, anarchy, and despair, where war and murder are about as common as breathing. That's right, in other words, SHE SUCCESSFULLY ENDED THE WORLD. The aforementioned killing game was supposed to serve as the final nail in the coffin, used to ensure that anyone on Earth who hadn't given in to despair by the time the series starts, did.
    ! 6. Even after the 6 survivors of the killing game refuse to give in, defeating her, and after she (rather gleefully) kills herself after her plans fail, her influence and the impact she had on mankind is still easily felt, since there are so many who would devote their entire existence to finishing what she started.
    ! 7. She has a smoking hot body. Yes.
    ! Her sister implies that something may have happened to her to turn her into the abnormality she ended up as, but Junko herself denies this, so it's hard to say.
    ! Either way, Junko is an absolutely incredible villain, and deserves to make it far.

  • My vote goes to Junko Enoshima.

  • Going with Makishima on this one.

  • I love Junko a lot, but I have to give my vote to Shogo Makishima. Junko is great, but I find there to be more depth to Maksihima both as a villain and as a character.

    Both of these characters are defined by their charisma in relation to their villainy, but we are mainly told about Junko's charisma and her actions during the last class trial, while in Makishima's case we see across multiple situations how he can convinve people to knowlingly and willingly commit crimes as a direct result of interacting with him (rather than a medium like Monokuma)

    (I'm sorry Junko…)

  • i only saw the first ep of PP and it left a horrible taste in my mouth, so yeah, no more of that tryhard, edgy trash XD

    Junko on the other hand, like heavenspiercing said, is pretty much the perfect villain

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glD17Lyh8EE

    You son of a bitch. You're pitting two of my personal favorites in a match with each other on the 2nd Round. You're breaking my heart you jerk. Why you do this.

    Anyways…look I love Junko. I really really do. And honestly I think she's a great villain that's very evil and stuff and all that...but I think I am gonna have to settle this on Show and Tell.

    Junko is an evil maniacal master planner type who's sadistic nature and personality all work off one another and make her a crazy and evil person. HOWEVER...we're more or less ever really TOLD about how evil Junko is and what she does. Not only are we told about how evil and diabolical Makishima is, but he also clearly demonstrates just how far he will go to test the systems of society and what he'll do to accomplish that. He's charismatic and intelligent, and one hell of a villain for Psycho Pass that really adds a whole new layer to the entire show.

    As much as it hurts me to do this, and I mean...it REALLY HURTS ME TO DO THIS....I'm going to have to give this one to Shogo Makishima.

    Actually really thinking about it I'll be happy with whoever ends up winning honestly. They're both in my Personal Five and whoever ends up winning I'll honestly be happy with. The hard part in general was just having to PERSONALLY choose which of the two I'd pick as both are very great and deserving.

  • Hey, blame the program not me, I just use the results. :P

    Anyways… I'll give my vote to Junko Enoshima here.

  • My vote goes to Junko Enoshima.

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