Google Play

  • Dear Funimation,

    Why are your shows on Google Play available in only Standard Definition when I know that some of them are available on blu-ray in High Definition?

    I move a lot, travel a lot, so it's inconvenient for me to buy DVDs and carry them with me all the time. I would like to buy them on Google Play and just steam them to my Android tablet, but I'm hesitant to buy them because they are only available in standard definition.

    So my questions are:

    1. Why are they only available in Standard Definition on Google Play?
    2. Are there plans to provide High Definition anime on Google Play in the future?

  • I think it has todo with what shows are/have been released on Bluray formates. Example, right now looking at them on my tablet in the GP shop for Funi titles. Shuffle! which was released as a DVD only set is in the Sd version, where as D.Gray-man, once released on DVD and later given a BD release can be purchesed in either HD or SD format.

    Basicly my guess is that it comes down to the formates they get in the original licenceing process for a show. If they only get DVD then its my guess that anything put to GP will only be SD and if they get the rights to include BD they can get HD formates for GP

    AS the title for this Thread is "Google Play" and I actually had a question myself regarding it, I'll post mine heard in the hopes someone from funi, most likely our Dungeon Master Sophie can answer or ask someone in ofice if they might know. But my question is will there be anymore shows/movies added to Google Play?I'm sure it comes down to what rights they are granted form their pals over in japan but was just woundering in general if plans to add anymore shows were in action. Its nice to just have the tablet handy to watch rather than drag physical copies everywhere wich me when traveling or in a location I can't connect to the internet and have them on my device.

  • i would like to when would the english dud 109 to 120 be available to watch