2015 Anime Villains Tournament, Round 2, Match 13

  • For this one, a battle of old school vs. even older school…

    Legato Bluesummers - Trigun -vs.- Raoh - Fist of the North Star

  • I have to flip a coin for this one…...

    Heads, so my vote goes to Legato Bluesummers.

  • Dang, tough match I got to say. Both are pretty good competitors.

    However, still think I'm gonna have to stick with Legato Bluesummers.

  • sigh Once again, The Hat has screwed me.

    Both of these guys are amazing. Of course Legato is going to win because he's more popular, but Raoh is an absolute BEAST of a villain that is just as well respected for his evil as he is for his code of honor and MANLINESS.

    For expediency's sake, I'll just copy/paste what I posted from last year's tournament:

    Raoh is, for lack of a better term, the single MANLIEST villain of all anime.

    He's capable of terrible cruelty, massive destruction, and widespread chaos on a global scale.

    And yet, he does all these things with generally good intentions. Whereas Kenshiro chooses to unite the world in compassion, Raoh has chosen to unite the world in fear. Even though he enslaves, kills, and punishes to get his way, he does so with the intent that a world united under one king would have no more war or conflict. He does the evil things he does not to enslave the world, but to SAVE the world.

    He is cruel, but not without a heart. Frightening, but not without understanding. He is a demon to his enemies, but a saint to his friends. And even though his ways differ from those of his brother, there still lies a layer of respect and admonition for him, even when they are locked together in deadly combat.

    And let us not forget, that it is he who

    ! upon his death, broke the toxic cloud surrounding the earth using his last bit of energy, with one final mighty fist towards the sky…. dying on his feet, his hand still held high... a single tear falling from his cheek.....

    THAT, my friends, is why Raoh deserves to win this thing.

    I should also add (MAJOR SPOILERS):

    ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5eTfZ0hc4Y

  • I'll go with Raoh.

  • Legato only because I've never seen Fist of the North Star. Though Legato's still an excellent choice. Can't really go wrong here.

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