Simulcast and English Dubbed?

  • I have a question about episodes that are simulcasted. How soon after they are released, are they dubbed? Is there a time-frame? Thank you and have a great day!

  • It depends on the process the company chooses in dubbing episodes. I'd say about two or three months for the new broadcast dub method to about sixteen months or so for the normal dubbing process.

  • Funimation is doing something new this season all 10 show are being dubbed a few weeks after the simulcast. 6 of them already have a few dubbed episodes out and the last 4 start this week. As for normal simulcast, whether the show get dubbed at all is based on how the show does on the site. If it gets dubbed it is usually about a year or so after the simulcast.

  • yes, which makes if kind of suck if you are a person who only watches dubs, because you might not get a really great sounding series if the sub wasn't popluar enough…. not that I'm grumpy there isn't an OniAi dub yet or anything...

    fortunately now there are broadcast dubs, so as soon as the last episode goes up in English you can binge watch (i personally hate being limited to 1 episode per week), and maybe expect a retail release a lot sooner than the typical wait.

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