Please protect spoilers

  • The "What's New?" recent activity page doesn't block spoilers. Even though it only displays the first line of a post it is still enough that if a person just has something spoiler-tagged in the beginning, it's still visible on that page.

  • I'm pretty sure there's nothing that can be done about that. The page reads text and has trouble reading code

    It would be nice if it could be corrected. text within [ img ] code isn't printed on that page, so maybe the same can be done with [ spoiler ]

  • Thanks! I'll look into that.


    Found this after Googling:

    To make text invisible on the activity stream, wrap your post in the spoiler tags then put brackets around the text.

    Like this:

    ! [you can't see this]

    I'm not going to expect anyone to follow that protocol, of course, but I think that I can code the tag to insert brackets if I can't find a more elegant way of solving the issue.

    The Activity Stream does two things:
    It strips all bbcode and html tags.
    It displays everything else as plain text.

    I did find a way to automatically insert brackets around spoiler text, but that doesn't prevent the text from appearing in What's New. If the brackets are manually typed around the post by the user and therefore, passed as the parameter, the entire spoiler does not appear in 'What's New' since the Activity Stream then thinks that the text is bbcode or html.

    It looks like we'd need to either implement a policy of no spoilers in the first two lines of any post, or I can code the Activity Stream to just not display preview text at all. I think the latter will make the page less useful overall, so the former may be the better solution.


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